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Welcome to the Heart of England in Bloom

Heart of England in Bloom's (one of  the 17 Britain in Bloom UK regions/nations) campaigns are transforming communities in the region, making them greener, cleaner and instilling  a sense of local pride.


Welcome to the Heart of England in Bloom

People of all ages can participate

How to enter

How to enter

The RHS Theme:

The campaign will be called Greening Grey Britain and will run for three years, during which time we’ll be aiming to support groups to transform a total of 9,000 unloved (grey) spaces into great green spaces for people and wildlife. To help groups do this we will be offering advice, tips and resources (and free nasturtium seeds for groups in the first year). Obviously this is something that many groups already do, so we’re aiming for the campaign to support their achievements, encourage people to consider new projects and inspire others to get involved. 


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Advice, Hints and Tips

Advice, Hints and Tips

Income generation through sponsorship to support the Britain in Bloom campaign in Newcastle-under-Lyme, Staffordshire.

To improve and develop our Britain in Bloom Campaign, we recruited the “Bloom Coordinator” in March 2010. The post was initially ‘temporary’ and based on working for a 6 month period to promote the campaign to residents, schools and businesses. Whilst the role included managing the Judging Day, helping with community events and our main bloom Awards Ceremony, it also encompassed the generation of sponsorship income to support the campaign as a whole.

 At first money was created from the sponsorship of traffic islands and hanging baskets. However, over the years it has developed into a much wider remit with local businesses now supporting the campaign in many different ways. Some of this is still in the form of direct sponsorship, however, it also now includes a host of other things such as donations of goods and services, discounts, prizes for our local competitions and direct support for individual flower beds or projects.
Such has been the success of this initiative that the post of “Bloom Coordinator” was made into a permanent position (March 2016) as the cost incurred are more than covered by the incomes been generated. 
The overall incomes now raised are impressive, but it is not without challenges, and it should be realised that it takes a great deal of time and effort to develop and manage relationships with the sponsors. 

Sponsorship Incomes (Cash)

Financial Year

Amount of Businesses that sponsor sites (some businesses sponsor multiple sites e.g. Roseville Taxis sponsor a number of traffic islands)

Amount of sites sponsored by businesses including Traffic Island, Flower Beds, Hanging Baskets, Central Reservations, Ground Artwork& Hanging Baskets.



























Please note that whilst the number of businesses does not seem to increase with the proportion of the income generated, often we have developed relationships with existing sponsors who go on to sponsor multiple sites.

Sponsorship Incomes (Non-Cashable)
In addition to hard-cash sponsorship we also receive non-cashable sponsorship (in-kind) from businesses like Sainsbury’s and Garners Garden Centre comprising  discounts on Vouchers (used for Prizes), donated Plants, Cut flowers and Pinkstones provide us with a sponsored vehicle for the Judging Day, Keele University Print room produces the commemorative Winners brochure - to name but a few examples.

Financial Year

Non-Cashable Credit










To conclude the sponsorship enables us to cover the overall costs of our Britain in Bloom campaign and any generated surpluses enables reinvestment in projects which all help to make Newcastle-under-Lyme a better place to live, work and invest.